Local 712, Cracker Plant Update.


500 Electricians needed by the end of August 2020.

Working: 4-10's & 8 w/ two Shifts, looking to go to six days.

Rate:       Hourly-                          $ 36.45

                Vacation-                       $ 4.10

                Defined Contribution-    $ 3.95

                Defined Benefit-             $ 6.49

                Welfare-                         $ 11.67

Site Allowance: $14.00 a day, for everyday you go to work.

Site Per-Diem: $ 63.00 a day (must live 60 miles from the job site.)

Great Arrow Builders (Bechtel) is the general contractor working under the National Contruction agreement.

-Sargent, Lighthouse, VEC, Prime and BESCO are electrical subs on site.

This job should last twelve months or more.

If interested fill out the online Registration for Out of Work.

Then you must call us to complete the background check, once the background check is completed we will call you with job offers when available.

Please call the IBEW Local 712 Hall for more information at (724)-775-0969.