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LU 712 Jurisdiction

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1. The Union shall be the sole and exclusive source of referral of applicants for employment.

Referral Rules state: The Initial Registration for Referral MUST be completed in person by reporing to the Local Union 712 Office.


2. Applicants for referral must be entered into the Union Referral Application Book by reporting to the Union Hall in person (Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM) and fully completing a “Registration for Referral” form supplied by the union. This “Registration for Referral” will determine the applicant’s priority for referral in the proper classification group.


3. Applicants who desire to stay active on the “Out of work list” shall be required to resign monthly beginning on the 10th and ending on the 16th. Resigns will be accepted by FAX, e-mail, internet via Local Union 712 website, letter via U.S. Mail or in person at the Union Hall. Information needed for monthly resigns will be Applicants name, Local Union number, IBEW Card number and Registration number assigned at the time the applicant registered.


4. If resigns are not received in the above timely manner, applicants will be removed from the “Out of Work List”. Once removed, the applicant can only be reinstated on the list by completing another “Registration for Referral” in person and receiving a new registration number.


5. Every September, resigns will be required in person to maintain your position on the book. In person resigns will be mandatory during the two-week period starting the 10th of September and ending the 23rd of September.